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Thread: This story made me cry

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    This story made me cry

    From Texas Monthly.

    The story of John McClamrock, a high school football player in the 1970's who lived with cervical SCI for 3 decades until he passed away last year

    It was timed for this month's issue because it is really a Mother's Day tribute.

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    Made me cry too. His mother was an actual saint. I wonder how many stories there are, just like this, that we never heard? Would things have been any different if he'd been injured today?

    RIP Johny and Pretty Annie. And God bless Henry.

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    Oh, my! I shouldn't have read this. The tears keep flowing. Just shows you how much us mothers love our children. I don't think I would be as strong as her going through so much. But I would do the same for any of my children no matter how difficult, as I believe most mothers would.

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