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    I posted pictures of Wulfric the chia guy last time. Unfortunately he got neglected when nobody remembered to water him and his hair shrivelled up. He now has a friend, Osvaldo the chia hippo. My nephew and I had a busy evening last night planting. Day 1:
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    This cracked me up last year. Glad to see it again. In fact, think I'll send Chias (Chiae?) to my nieces. Their parents may not be impressed, but that's not the point. I only promised not to send the girls any more live animals for pets, not Chias with potential for life.

    Any thoughts on facial hair for Wulfric? Sideburns? 'stache? Little patch on the chin?

    I'm loving Osvaldo the Hippo. Great name.

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    Ha! Ha! I remember these - the originals almost freaked me out!

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    Love the hippo!

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    Yay!I know how you love those things.Can't wait to meet them in person

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    Ha,cool.Hey he has more hair than I do!
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