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Thread: c5 scoliosis prevention,treatment,help....

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    Unhappy c5 scoliosis prevention,treatment,help....

    hi, im c5 3 yrs post
    i was injured when i was 17, and right now i have like a little scoliosis, likw 4 ,5 degrees..... can i help treat this..... i had a growth spurt nd got it, but i think im done growin,,,,,,, can it get worse, even if i dnrt grow...... is there a light brace i can wear, or seating equipment......... please give me some tips....... any advice will def help

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    If you have scoliosis, it is very important that you have a good wheelchair evaluation and cushion evaluation to make sure you are sitting as straight as possible to prevent pressure areas and pain from tilting. There are special cushions that can accomodate this if it is a problem and can improve your sitting posture.
    Do you notice any problem from your scoliosis?


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    no ,i just dnt want it gettin wrse

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