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Thread: Disability Employment.

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    Disability Employment.

    One of my friend who is a person with disabilities and who is outside US at present is desperately searching for employment.
    He has been trying for a job since quite a while now but is facing extreme difficult time in seeking employment. As a result, he is completely disheartened these days. Its really sad to see him in such state.

    He was amongst the toppers in schools/colleges. But now only due to his disability he is facing such a hard time.
    He has completed Masters(Comp Sc) and has been brilliant in academics though.
    So it is now in desperation that I am emailing you guys.

    Please lemme know if there is anyone or any organisation who could help him out in securing a job. I'll be grateful. He is willing to relocate anywhere and that too at his own expense

    My email is tia.rachel85 at


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    What is his disability?

    What country does he live in?

    (complete your profile if you want people to take you seriously here)


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