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Thread: My para friend died last night

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. I had 2 SCI friends pass away within a couple years of one another. It was maybe five years after my injury and it was especially hard because in different ways they took me under their wing sort of speak. These were guys I hung out with and learned quite a bit from soon after my injury. It just sucks.

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    sorry about your loss
    I never do see like old SCI people, I see old peopl ein wheelchairs but they can walk, they are just well...old.

    Do SCI die off earlier or somthing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee View Post
    sorry about your loss
    Do SCI die off earlier or somthing?
    On a statistical average or median, I'd say yes, they do - but not by so large a margin as to distend the bell curve. But really, it's an individualistic barometer that decides in the end. If for the able bodied the new 50 is 40, that surely applies to sci also - due to advances in preventing kidney infections/failures and the many advances in dealing with pressuers sores and other previously deadly infections and sci afflictions.

    Keep your heart healthy, exercise said heart regularly, eat well, and some day you might be 99yo and regret this very advice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee View Post
    Do SCI die off earlier or somthing?
    statistically speaking, yes.

    lots of variables involved though.

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    Sad to hear your friend DeWayne passed.
    I'm glad he was with loved ones when he went.

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    i love life ! im not afraid of dying im afraid of not living , im fighting the fight and running the race . i look forward to the prize. .

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    i want to thank everyone for being apart of this wonderful site . love you guys

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    Thank you all. He was a kind person and will be missed. He was the first person I knew in a wc or sci'd. I know that he ran a good race. At least he suffers no more. He lived a long time without any problems but they just started to add up at the end. He was very active but the sores got the best of him.
    Thank you all again
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    Mary, so sorry to hear...prayers for all...take care.


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    omg. i am so sorry. ya know, i struggle with religion/spirituality. but a friend of mine recently, by chance, ran across Joni Earickson Tada, and talked to her about me.

    Joni sent me a letter, a dvd and a book about hope. whether religious or not, her dvd on hope is hard to watch w/o feeling something.

    she quoted from Shawshank Redemption: hope is the best thing.

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