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Thread: Suprapubic/ Urethral Pain???

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    Angry Suprapubic/ Urethral Pain???

    I am a student with C7 TM. I got a suprapubic catheter put in on April 2, in which the surgeon punctured my intestine. So they redid the surgery 2 days later and relocated the SP cath. Now whenever the catheter is drained I have a burning sharp pain in my urethral area, and I don't know why. (I do have partial random sensation in that area, but I don't know why I get pain in my urethral area when my SP cath is draining. I had a yeast infection, but it is all cleared up now. Does anyone else have the same symptoms? Is this something I should worry about? I am a new quad, Jan of 2008, so I don't really know that much...

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    What does your urologist say? Have you had tests to visualize the area (cystogram or IVP or ultrasound or CT)?? Have you seen another urologist for a second opinion? If all tests have been done and nothing can be found by several urologists, it may be that you have developed a visceral neuropathic pain syndrome, although it is too soon to call this chronic pain. If that is the case you should talk about management of this as neuropathic pain with your physiatrist, as urologists are usually clueless about how to treat neuropathic pain.


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