So I have a thought...

I've done freelance web design in the past & have been thinking of trying to drum up a little extra part-time work this summer to bring in income to supplement grad school costs & living expenses this fall.

There have been several questions here about jobs & such in a work-from-home situation... well, everyone here has internet access... so I figure maybe a group could be formed to handle some web development projects & make a little money, provided talent exists here (which I'm almost sure it does).

If anyone is interested, even a little, please fill out the following survey. It's quick... 1 page, 10 questions. Just be straight up about your skill/experience. I expect everyone will be different. No big deal. This is just to get a feel for what kind of roles could be formed.

I'll email everyone who responds sometime in June. I don't intend to reveal details publicly at this point.

FYI #1: I have a LLC that this would be structured under. Team members would basically be treated & paid as subcontractors, thus receive 1099s, vs. being employed under the company.

FYI #2: my undergrad degree is in technical & scientific communication w/ a concentration in online publication. I have experience in project management & will make sure this is put together well, if/when it materializes.