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Thread: Really Desperate (Wound, Supplements, Computing in Bed)

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    Really Desperate (Wound, Supplements, Computing in Bed)

    I have a wound requiring a flap or VAC. I've been to two wound clinics. If I fail, I'm nursing home bound or other...

    What supplements are best? Advice on any products that would help make computing from bed easier. I have no finger movement or sensation. Family will institutionalize me only.

    Anything will be appreciated. Cost counts, but I'd rather blow it now. I won't go to a "home."

    Thank you more than I believe you can know for all of you.

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    Many wound clinics advise you to take Juven which is supposed to promote healing of the skin. I'm not sure if it helps.or if' it is the cure of the day. It can be bought over the counter at pharmacy or health food store.

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    Welcome, freeradical -- your situation really touched me deeply. Count me as being solidly in your corner and rooting loudly for your wound treatment (whichever route you end up taking) works like gangbusters for you.

    As far as supplements go, protein protein protein should be number one of your list as you work to heal your wound. Lean protein at meals supplemented with protein shakes will help give your body the tools it must have to rebuild.

    You might also consider something like 200 mgs of Vitamin E to boost your immune system and help you stave off infection. I take 500 mg of Olive Leaf Extract (an antioxidant) twice a day. (Gee, given your screen nick, it feels a bit odd recommending antioxidants to you!)

    As far as making it easier for you to use your computer while in bed, I'd try reposting and/or searching that topic in the Computers forum. I did a quick search and found this:

    Best of luck to you -- I'm sending healing vibes your way. If I could, I'd pack up a few of the HipHubby's healing powers and ship them your way. He heals faster than anyone I've ever known. I'm green with jealousy.

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    I'll leave the specifics for the nurses to follow up with...but I would definently echo the protein comments above! Have you had recent blood work to check on albumin levels or anything like that?

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    A multi-vitamine, extra iron and zinc for starters.
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    Most recommendations for wound healing include vitamin C, zinc and protein. There are protein supplements such as propass I am familiar with. Are you aware what your nutritional markers in your blood are such as your albumin and pre-albumin? That would be helpful to know and could tell you whether you are at a deficit or havae good nutritional status already to build on.


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    Zinc has not been proven to be of much help in healing wounds.

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    I'm fighting a wound myself. I drink too protein shakes a day and eat a lot of high-protein meals, for dinner typically the protein is very lean like chicken or salmon but I still have the occasional steak. Plus I take all the vitamins recommended around here and by my doctors. What does it look like? How deep is it? Are you staying off of it? That's the most important thing is to keep pressure off of it if you can, which unfortunately for many of us going through a sore right now means laying in bed. Good luck taking care of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freeradical View Post
    What supplements are best? Advice on any products that would help make computing from bed easier. I have no finger movement or sensation. Family will institutionalize me only.

    Anything will be appreciated. Cost counts, but I'd rather blow it now. I won't go to a "home."

    Thank you more than I believe you can know for all of you.
    One of the best supplements for the long term to help fortify the skin from the inside out is hylauronic acid.
    Have been taking this product for over 13 years straight and my 63 year old skin looks like early 50s. I sun burn, but will not peel or blister. My C-6 quad son is also now using this product for 3+ years and has had NO skin breakdown and he rarely does pressure releases. Yes, this product is expensive. You can purchase a 12 month supply at a time for the best price. If you begin taking this product, you can take 3 capsules for breakfast and 3 for dinner 7 days a week for at least 6 months and then drop down to a total of 3 capsules per day. I take 4 capsules per day. It will also lubricate your joints and keep them flexible.

    The body manufactures hylauronic acid, but that production decreases as you age. Your eyes contain 80% hylauronic acid. Women manufacture much more HA than men which is why they have smoother skin and their stomachs shrink fast after pregnancies.

    As to getting finger movement, my C-6 son has had tremendous success with magnetic therapy. He has more hours than anyone on earth for an SCI. is one clinic. There are 4-5 in the US. Go to and click on additional information and view the 50 minute lecture. The MME therapy is experimental at this point and is going through clinical trials. The FDA will not allow advertising, so limited data is on the websites as well. You can call any one of them and speak to the doctors or reps and they can answer your many questions.

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    Welcome to CC freeradical & hereto learn.
    I hope it heals fast and you don't have to go to a NH.
    Stay off it! That's most important of all.

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