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Thread: Funding/Loans for home modifications

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    Funding/Loans for home modifications

    Does anyone know of funding or special loans, etc. to assist in home modifications? Thanks.

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    #1 Talk to OVR- if it is ramps and such they will help.
    #2 Find out if your state has a "Home access grant" program. They assist in making your existing home "livable".
    #3 Call your Center For Independent Living, Ask them.
    #4 There is a federal program "Assistive Technology" that will give you a low rate loan up to $25,000. Again, ask CIL for info.

    Its out htere but you have to search. Get a note pad and write it all down, it will pay you to stay organized.

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    Also check on service organizations in your area. Sometimes they will help with either funds or labor. In our area, a group called the "Good Guys" is often of assistance for those with no other funding.


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