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Thread: Buttock Flap Surgery issues...

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    Buttock Flap Surgery issues...

    Hi everyone,

    I just returned home from my wound doctor with some, in my opinion, a bit scary news. I have a pressure ucler on my left butt with a size of 2 cm x 3 cm by 4 cm depth. He is referring me to a surgeon to discuss a flap. He mentioned a special bed I would be in. I believe is was a Citron or something like that. What really freaked me out if I believe he said I would be in bed for six weeks. I just about died inside. Can you imagine that?? I mean, on the good side it will nice to get rid of this awful thing and then take preventative measures for the remainder of my life. How in the hell am I going to be able to have a bowl movement?? Sorry, just telling it like it is.

    I'm looking for people who know about this procedure and in addition those who have actually had one done on themselves so they can give me as much information as you can so I can be prepared for the good and the bad speaking from a emotional standpoint.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    Hi Michael,

    Sorry about the deep extent of your pressure sore.

    While it is possible to heal deep sores with other methods such as dressings and/or the wound vac, many choose to have surgical intervention with flap surgery. While it is scary news you received, be assured that many SCI folks have undergone this procedure with good outcomes.

    Yes, you will be on a Clinitron bed flat-lying for approx 4-5 weeks, then be wedged in bed for 2 weeks then begin a progressive sitting program. Each surgeon may be different but this is the standard procedure used. Most people are hospitalized for a 6-8 week + period with close monitoring and staff assist with bowel and bladder care and ADL's. You can be turned with the asistance of staff.

    Hoping others will pipe in here but you can search this carecure site for many posts.
    Also here is a general information sheet:

    Ask any further questions you have.

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    The link AAD doesn't work-- it returns a page not found error. Here is the correct URL:
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    Hey Michael, check out my thread just had flaps both ischiums. It will tell you a lot about my story afterwards. I was in bed for eight weeks and then it took another three weeks to be able to get up full time again, mostly on the Clinitron. It's just part of the fight to make sure everything heals properly and if you don't do it, you're just going to have problems with the stitch line in the flaps themselves.
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    Hi Michael

    Sorry you're having to deal with this but as others here have stated follow the protocol and you'll be okay ..... its hard to be patient I'm sure ! My husband has had a couple of flaps done.
    As far as doing your bowel program I'm thinking you'll have to have that done in bed with someone to help you ... my husband has an ileostomy so it wasn't an issue and I've read here that some will have a temp colostomy done and have it reversed when everything is healed .
    I wish you all the best!!

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    Thanks for clarifying my link. Don't know what happened.

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    I know this situation flat out sucks. But, it is the quickest way to get through it.

    I had a flap repair on my tailbone 3 months post injury in 2000. The pressure sore was the size of an orange. Post surgery I was on a Clinitron bed for 21 days, then gradual sitting in bed for 1 day, then gradually sitting longer and longer in a powerchair (Roho cushion) over the next 5 days. After that, I was back to full activity in acute rehab. No issues since.

    This is probably a best case scenario. But, you never know. Expect the worst and hope for the best.


    PS (I also got an elective colostomy at the same time, so, no bowel issues and no risk of ever having stool near that area again to aggrevate the weakened skin)

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    I know quite a few guys that have had flaps and most were up and rolling within 6 weeks. Like Susan said,it's not always 6 weeks of being flat of your back. Get more than one opinion,if possible. Keep us posted.

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