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Thread: StepAhead, Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris arnold View Post
    It's a pity when attempting to get in touch with them, so many sites are silent. I do love their mission statement:

    We all pray that this is not just talking the talk, without any walking.

    Apart from that, I believe that their approach of mixed therapies sounds promising - that to regain pre-injury mobility will rely on this.
    I agree, i emailed them a couple of times...but absolute silence in response.
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    khmorgzn, it seems to me that when a researcher moves to another location iin midstream; they ain't got shit. I'm leary when I see this crap.

    keeping on

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    The last news letter has been posted on their web site a few day ago
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    The latest understanding I have is that the application of Decorin is being studied very hard. It appears for their best results they have discovered that Decorin must be constantly delivered during the therapy. Results were poor when just a single injection was pulsed in the therapy. The Decorin they were working with in the experiment was not of the quality that they needed either. It will take more experiments to get the combination of cells and correct Decorin formula to their best working potential. More experiments and studies, but I'm sure willing to wait for the best they can give. Nobody wants a half baked therapy, but they are indeed working it!!!!!!!!!!
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    People might be interested in how Stephen and Jeanette Davies are getting on with their decorin and astrocytes. I recently spoke to someone involved in their research, and got a few answers, but not as much as I hoped. Anyway, the Davies are now at the prestigious Florey Institute in Melbourne, and apparently are or soon will be very well-funded. I asked about chances of human clinical trials and drew a blank (doesn't mean they aren't planned - just no info). I pointed out that they cured their first rat 11 years ago, in 2004. I like the idea of decorin because it is a natural part of our bodies - which makes it all the odder that they aren't pushing forward with human trials. Apparently their success with rats is remarkable. Maybe that funding will go towards setting up human trials? My correspondent also mentioned that there are one or two other groups in other countries, experimenting with decorin.

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    Davies has been making false promises for years. He was well funded in Houston, Texas, and in Colorado as well. I know because I visited him at each location and did extensive interviews. He had state of the art equipment in a virtual medical mecca at both facilities. He has been doing the Decorin/astrocytes dog and pony show for many, many, years. It's hard to believe someone that has lied, in a big way, make that huge, so fool me once . . . . . .

    Davies is an SCI illusionist, merely riding a wave, having fun and traveling, perhaps he'll prove me wrong some day. But I doubt it.

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    thanks for the very interesting links bert. The dailymotion thing has a number of interesting clips. If someone goes to the ayre link, they should click on "Back to Dr Davies page" to get some perspective.

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    Interesting post Schmeky. I also hope that he will prove you wrong. The ayre link bert posted is fairly new and he mentions requiring a figure of 7 million dollars. That could only imply an intention to move towards human trials. But like you, I also am slightly pessimistic because of a couple of things - first, he doesn't seem to have shown any real urgency to initiate them over a period many years; second, there seems to be a shroud of secrecy - very different to what we see with Dr Young, for example. I live in Australia, and try to keep up with things here; if I hear something I'll post it on the forum.

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