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Thread: hand controls

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    hand controls

    I need a new set. Push/pull. what you got? what do you like?
    the ones I have right now are the only ones I've ever had. but, I definitely need to up grade. they're the ones the adaption place had. I didn't explore my options at all. I didn't really know I had any.
    now I do. convince me your's are the best!
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    Wells-Engberg CT-100. Rotary (like a motorcycle) throttle, with push to brake. Simple to install, reliable, and unobtrusive.

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    I have Monarchs, which are also my first set, but i do like them. They are very smooth, and easily used, in my opinion.

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    I have the Monarch's as well. The only draw back is I have it so close to be able to drive with one hand it sometimes gets in the way when I am making a sharp turn. I can just use my left hand to roll the throttle back and still have a few fingers on the wheel. there very nice!

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    When I got out of the hospital I bought a Saturn Ion 3 and had a Menox handcontrol I got the hang of push forward for the brake and back for the gas. They have a button on the front side to lock the brakes which is really nice when you have to wait for a long light.
    I also have a Toyota Sienna van now with the normal hand control on the left side. Push down for brake and pull back for gas. A little tricky to get used to after using the Menox (right side) for two years.


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    Monarch's same set for the 24 years with a few minor parts replaced here & there. Been installed in at least 5 different cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soonerborn View Post
    I have the Monarch's as well. The only draw back is I have it so close to be able to drive with one hand it sometimes gets in the way when I am making a sharp turn.
    There is an adjustment on the Monarch's for every moving part or motion needed to enable safe driving. I have used 5 different kinds and like Monarch the best. Good luck!
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    I use Suregrips, they seem to be about the most fool proof hand control out there. Takes a while to build up the finger muscles in you hand, but once you do after a while you really adjust well to them. I never worry anymore when my car is driven by anybody other than myself either as it would be nearly impossible for somebody to activate the throttle by mistake therefore causing an accident. They also allow for lots of leg clearance under them which is important as I drive a sports car that has very little room under the steering wheel. I have push/pull type contols that are the quick install type that I use when I travel business and rent cars, I would not want to use these long term though as pulling on the throttle especially on long drives is not very comfortable.
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    monarchs here
    3rd set
    the weight of my hand is like cruise control

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    Suregrips for me.... I like-em. They seem pretty natural to use to me. Easy to drive with one hand and out of the way for others to drive my van and plenty of leg clearance. I have Mobility Products in my pick-up truck. I don't like them. It is hard to apply the gas. Good luck.
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