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Thread: Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Cooking

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    Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Cooking

    Hi all. I was previously on and was referred here as it being a more comprehensive site. I am an Acupuncturist and have worked in the past with a few SCI patients, and am likely going to work with more in the near future so I wanted to learn more from "the horses mouth" so to speak as there is so much to be said for the subjective experience of a patient versus what we learn in books. In any case, on there didn't seem to be a lot of people who had had Acupuncture or the ones that had, had not necessarily benefited (specifically in terms of motor and sensory feeling), but there were some that definitely benefited in terms of quality of life, pain, digestive issues, burning pain/sensation, etc, amongst other issues. I am interested in hearing if anyone has benefited (in whatever capacity) and what their experiences have been with Acupuncture? One of my specialties is also TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) nutrition, I write about it here on a food blog:

    I hope to hear from anyone who has something to share. Thank you!
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