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Thread: Self bowel care help needed!!!

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    Exclamation Self bowel care help needed!!!

    I am a t-5/6 complete im 5 6 and got extremely short arms making it difficult/impossible for me to do my own bowel care, i want to stop my wife from doing my bowel care and i want to do it !!! Also right now i dont have the cash to pay an aid...any ideas or can anyone share some ways of doing ur own bowel care maybe one will work for me...please!
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    This post discussed various methods of bowel care that can be done by folks at your injury level. Please ask any further questions you may have.


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    you can get Suppository Inserter that should help...good luck...
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    Those two items and a commode shower bench allows me to largely do my BP by myself and i'm a C-6 quad.

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