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Thread: Accessible Convertible

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    Accessible Convertible

    Has anyone seen or trialed the PT Cruiser convertibles?

    I just got my heart set on an accessible Honda Element and then this bad boy pops up. My inner girlie-girl is saying: WANT.

    Way to go handicap automobile brain tank. Thank you for giving us more options!

    Now, to contemplate...

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    I have seen the PT Cruiser, only criticism we had was that its not for wide chairs so grill the salespeople on the chair width measurements. I love my convertible (Solara), it is a daily vacation from everything!

    Indulge the girly...GET IT!!

    Buy this car, wear sensible shoes...

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    That is sooo cool!

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    Better get it fast. That is one of the models Chrysler is about to discontinue. That was recently reported on the news.
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    That is cute. I have a 2007 Ion that I plan on selling was leaning towards the Element too, but this would be a cute summer car.

    Do you know how much they are going for??
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    Make sure you can get up the ramp ok and get turned around!
    I tried a similar car and it was a no-go for me in a manual wc.
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    Has anyone had any problems with the Honda Element? We just looked at one and loved it. But wanted to check in here to see how they hold up. Thanks!

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