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Thread: Poker4Life IV on May 28th

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    Poker4Life IV on May 28th

    Please attend Poker4Life IV on May 28th in NYC. For tickets and further information, please go to

    Poker4Life is a concept inspired by a love of the great game of poker and the desire to help make a difference in the world through the support of non-profit organizations that fund important and much needed research and initiatives. Poker4Life has been designed and developed to benefit all parties involved. This is accomplished through the successful execution of poker events that support participant designated non-profits. Every player, sponsor, and non-profit is a winner. The positive power of poker and the impact it can have when like minded individuals come together in support of the greater good is the driving force behind Poker4Life. Our mission is to provide a forum where professionals, celebrities and everyday players can come together to support causes they believe in while they participate in a sport that they share passion for.

    Ethan Ruby and Jeremy Schwartz founded Poker4Life in 2005. Over the last four years, Poker4Life events have raised over $500,000. The attendance of our events has grown from 30 to 300 people. Our tournaments are held every May in New York. Since our inception, Poker4Life has attracted more than 600 poker payers and philanthropists. Attendees include actors & actresses, professional athletes, professional poker players and poker enthusiasts, who share a strong desire to make a difference in the world. We have established relationships with top poker authorities such as the WPT (World Poker Tournament) and the WSOP (World Series of Poker). Those relationships have helped us get even further national exposure. Our events receive large media coverage, and Poke4Life players have appeared on TV and competed in WSOP main events.

    The sole purpose of Poker4Life events is to raise funds for non-profit organizations. 100% of the funds raised, above all production costs, will be donated to participant designated charities. Unlike the average charity poker tournament that focuses on one specific cause, Poker4Life is open to any Federally recognized non-profit organization. We are looking to form relationships with any of the 1.4 million registered charities in the US. The common bond is poker and charity giving.

    Due to the significant growth of Poker4Life tournaments, our event preparation is quite extensive. Preparations for our annual event take place throughout the year. Event management is usually outsourced to an event planning company. Poker4Life always seeks sponsorships for services, prizes, and production costs of each event. The remaining expenses are paid by Poker4Life and reimbursed by the funds raised. Poker4Life has a database of volunteers who are very active throughout event preparation and execution.

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    Is this just a Mark Buoniconti's Fund charitable event? It reads like all of the $500,000. raised so far has gone to his funding arm.
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    Yes, all the $ goes directly to TBF. Please help support a cure for SCI and come to this event.....or buy a ticket for someone who can

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