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Thread: Problem with mammogram machine

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    Problem with mammogram machine

    It raised and lowered but my footrest kept me from getting close enough so I had to lean forward which caused my bony collar bone to get in the way and the darn machine started to pinch the skin off of it! They stopped and decided to schedule me for a sonogram instead but when I went to the appoinment I was told it would be a one time thing because they didn't want to give me a false sense of security. I highly doubt I can get my boobs bigger or collarbone fattier in a year so what the hell do I do next year???

    Any of my petite sisters have this problem too?
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    There are differences in machines. Some are better designed for wheelchair users than others. I would call around to physiatrists in your area, and to local rehab centers (and you might also check with the VA in your area) to see where they send women in wheelchairs for their mammograms.


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    I found a machine last year that accomodates women in wheelchairs, trouble is it was 100 miles one way away. The machines are out there but not quite everywhere yet. The newer the machine the better as far as I'm concerned. Less chance of feeling as if I'm getting nuked from radiation like a T.V. dinner.
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    No local va, there is the rinky dink Kentfield Rehab which might be able to help, thanks kld. Sutter said the machine was new, if I can't find a better one I'll probably go back in my manual chair as the front angle is 90 degrees, it just means I have to have somone drive me there which is irritating.

    skippy 100 miles is a long drive, my urologist is that far away too, such a pain.
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    You may have to travel a bit. Call both the Palo Alto VA and the Martinez VA Women's Clinic and ask if they do theirs in-house or fee basis. If they do the latter, find out where.

    You can also call Planned Parenthood to see if they can refer you, or check under "Women's Health" in the Yellow Pages. (where are you???).


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    Marin county, just north of SF.
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    Have you tried all these resources?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Have you tried all these resources?

    I went to Novato community but as they told me they had a new machine I didn't call around, I'll do that for next time thanks k.
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    Les; I had the same problem of finding an accessible mammogram machine. I have Fibrocystic Breast so the doctor ordered a mammogram. It was impossible to get up close enough to the machine even with my husband helping. He had to remove several parts on the machine just so I could get close but it wasn't close enough to get all the breast tissue they needed to see. Another part that I had a hard time with was turning my head to the side once I was against the plexiglass,(I'm c5/6 with neck fusion) I don't know if all machines have that part. After battling with this for about an hour the pictures they took weren't good enough so they ordered an Ultrasound. I was under the impression that the ultrasound was going to be able to pick up things the mammogram couldn't see. I remember Suzanne Sommers cancer was found by ultrasound after mammogram didn't show anything. But the technician said it wouldn't show if I had cancer like a mammogram would so it left me confused and frustrated. What do we do now? I live in Houston and the clinic I went to is called The Rose Diagnostic Center,(I will post a link below) they are supposed to have the latest equipment available. They do have a links section that may have info that can help you find a facility near you. You can read about ultrasound machines they are using, maybe the new ones can detect cancer. I guess I need to go back that was several years ago. I just got really frustrated when it seemed like nothing was going to work.

    I hope this helps.


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    Well that's odd since their site says "Mammography is the single most effective method of screening for breast cancer.''

    thanks sre, good luck finding a new place.
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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