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Thread: Official Poetry Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Unfortunately Raven died several years ago.

    I hope she is doing okay
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    gone, but not forgotten. i miss you, raven. i wonder if your son ever comes here any more.

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    I miss Raven...she was a wonderful and loving woman, and a wonderful poet!

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    The poetry in this thread is very depressing. I am a glass half full person and look for the greatness and beauty life offers us on a minute-to-minute basis.

    Rick Shaw
    You C.A.N.
    Conquer Adversity Now

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    Quote Originally Posted by wazabiker View Post
    The poetry in this thread is very depressing. I am a glass half full person and look for the greatness and beauty life offers us on a minute-to-minute basis.

    Rick Shaw
    So why don't you contribute something more positive?


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    response to wazabiker;

    I don't consider myself a poet, I do like writing though, sort of journal keeping about what's happening around and in me on a minute-to-minute basis; Life is hard, difficult and a struggle even on my good days. I can't help wanting to put what I'm going through in writing for proof of it's existence.

    Allow me to post some writing that isn't depressing, it my not qualify for publication but I can post it here.

    This was written recently recalling some time in my life when I was a walking running hiking snowshoeing dancing man.


    long before I had a chance to grasp
    or even get a glimpse of or fathom
    any meaning to of what they were telling me
    they passed on with the previous second

    they won’t come around soon if ever
    those thoughts that were perfect expressions
    to write down and hold long enough
    to know them know them well enough
    to put them in writing
    with an acceptable structure
    put together by me
    no vocabulary training
    or understanding of as yet

    new ones come though
    I am ready for them
    and have them slow down
    often times they dance and play with me
    confounding me
    gently guiding me to look deeper
    look elsewhere slipping through
    cracks along dark crevices
    out to sun bright paper avenues
    opening onto colors of tans faded yellows
    blacks desert canyon reds under
    a round red orange sun overhead
    while hiking up the trail to a
    small out cropping on the cliff

    settling down on my blanket
    overlooking hundreds of square miles
    of what were once vast lakes
    The Great Basin of Eastern Oregon
    time passes and the night appears quickly
    bringing a mist dissipating under low lying clouds
    to just above my head
    while I experience maybe forty miles away
    intense lightening cracking and spitting
    from different directions clashing fiercely
    miles wide and hours long thunder rumbling
    over the flat desert so loud my mind shuts down
    and my bones vibrate

    all this energy being absorbed
    into any peoples bodies
    experiencing earths dance with itself
    brings us deeper into the raw
    chaotic source of an entrance
    into this what is called life
    completely outside of ones self

    the thoughts keep rolling in
    like a gentle tide lapping between
    the in the out the in-between
    thought and no thought
    that continue their comings and goings
    and become part of this color-scape
    of my networking mind the greens of nature
    blue skies birds white clouds
    the myriad colors of flowers
    Indian Paintbrush bees fish
    bring colors all manifestations of my mind
    they are colors just the same

    no mind though
    brings nothing but
    an indescribable immersion
    that can only be expressed
    as the bottom fell out of my foundation
    I am falling in place going nowhere

    the words continue coming this night
    from somewhere I am not certain
    or nowhere perhaps
    are they even there not really
    my mind conjures them real
    I write them down thinking of course
    of how they look lined up as I have
    yet new ones slip in and alter the layout

    do welcome the late comers
    as they bring new ideas and a freshness
    to what was getting stale and a newness
    so unexpected so uplifting
    "how can this be?" says some old
    way of thought another ‘ages’ rules

    free of that I enter a new way
    a new way of being with myself
    my awareness aware of ‘I’
    all this unfamiliar energy
    allows the old way to dissolve
    and open new avenues and new paths
    where eventually words form lines
    into a work a piece a shape a structure
    telling showing gliding along the pathway
    to those thoughts that were
    perfect expressions
    to write down and hold long enough
    to know them know them well enough
    to put them in writing and here they are
    the original perfect expressions
    forgotten changed altered intentions lost

    but the feelings sensations
    the with-ness so open so fresh
    so unexpected so welcomed and
    as suddenly and unlikely as they appeared
    they fly alway with the breeze this brings
    and here I am left with the remnants
    color swatches golds tans reds ochres
    my self colored bathed saturated warmed
    by this way of using words on lines
    using these words that keep arriving
    through this night and placing them
    in this what could be described
    as structured intentionally by me
    yet I know it as a free form dance
    or like swimming up a river
    or riding behind the crest of a wave
    or being bathed under a fifty foot waterfall
    surrounded by giant ferns moss
    exposed roots of fir trees
    then hiking down for an hour
    ah the Blue Herons on one leg
    on the S shaped curve on the gravel bar
    the MacKenzie River

    I left the old no regrets the new was so right
    the sensations no words can speak of
    maybe like a rebirth although
    what I saw then what I see now
    no words no thoughts can describe
    I am appreciative blessed and thankful
    for those years and time
    never knew how much until decades later
    I did know something thinking
    the something I knew thinking
    was the illusion mind creates

    all this and other blessings
    over the following years
    so over whelming so mind altering
    so welcomed some were so at home
    settled in place with family there was the time
    for family in Oregon that was good for us all
    for that it has held through the distances
    it holds through long time and space

    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    3 Haiku



    Leaves dart like swallows
    along autumn's chill stiff breeze.
    Winter waits its time.


    Cherry blossoms dare
    the late winter's fury.
    Time is just a dream.


    Night's darkness holds sway.
    Love blossoms before the dawn
    in her lover's heart.

    Before anyone gets testy about kejiri, Basho often deviated and did not use them though they are incorporated in some above. Also one has a choice to follow Nihongo or English as the source, I chose English. Finally in the interest of space they are not vertical , but in the second somewhat acceptable form, especially for Gaijin. There are customary indents as the Haiku progresses that our board kills (Kiru)

    I can deconstruct the double layered metaphors common to the Japanese interpretations of some of the key elements but will leave them as is for now. Part of my classical martial art training included.Fighting, Poetry, Tea, Sumi, crap forget the 5th. I only add this as my last posting of Haiku was shredded by Haiku Cognoscenti who eyes were open but did not see.

    Raven I miss you.

    Written for a very special friend


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    What happened to Raven, what did she pass from?

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    See this THREAD.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    What happened to Raven, what did she pass from?
    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
    --General George Patton

    Complex problems need to be solved collectively.
    ––Paul Nussbaum

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    Not many of us are posting poems, maybe we think that we stink at writing and don't want to be embarrassed?

    Just do it like I'm going to do now. We need more poetry!

    Mechanic of My Life

    keep the motor running
    keep the joints loose &
    keep them coming

    keep the chatter down
    keep the matter meaningfull-less
    keep them in tune

    keep the questions to a minimum
    keep the answers up front
    keep them covered

    keep the balls rolling
    keep the faith
    keep them well lubed

    keep the wheels turning
    keep the treads deep
    keep them aligned

    keep what you know
    keep what you don't
    keep them together

    All as One Thing Always
    Words the Threads holding
    The Tool Box handy
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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