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Thread: Bowel issue

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    Bowel issue

    After taking one dose of Immodium, I went fine the second day after the first (only) dose. I now appear to have a piece of stool i can not pass through the anal sphincter.

    After inserting a suppository the AD comes because I am not able to move it, i can feel it trying to come out but with quad fists am unable to get it out.

    Have taken Miralax but it is the stool at the end of my bowel that is acting like a 'cork' and won't move.

    What do I do to help this pass, will citrate of magnesium do it or will that just continue to make more diarrhea behind the cork?

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    For a situation like this, it is best to have a caregiver who can manually remove this "plug" for you. If they cannot, you might want to try getting an oil retention enema (Fleet makes a good one). Use that and let is sit for 1-2 hours, then try manually removing again, or alternatively using a Fleet phosphosoda enema to try to flush it out. Manual removal with a finger is usually needed though.


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    I do not have a care giver or anyone i could think of asking. Do i need to go to the hospital? Can I do the enema and how?

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    If you have the hand function to do a Fleet's enema, you can try, but you would have to purchase it, and administer it (you would have to be able to squeeze the bottle with the nipple inside your anus), and then probably still need to remove the stool manually. If you cannot do that and have no one (a nurse friend perhaps??) who can help you, I suspect you will have to go to Urgent Care or the ER.


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    And don't wait too long! You might print out something on SCI and neurogenic bowels for the ER. We tend to think they've seen everything but they usually know nothing about SCI. Take in printed info re AD too, as they won't know wth you are talking about there either.

    The ER has definitely seen patients come in with impaction. They probably won't be aware that SCI requires suppositories, digital stimulation, and in this case manual extraction. Go in prepared to educate them so they don't decide you are some freak that wants his butt played with.

    I say this because I saw a nursing forum online, and a whole pack of them decided exactly that about some SCI patient. The doctor ordered dig stim and they were refusing to do it because they decided he only wanted it for his sexual gratification.

    I'm not telling you this to traumatize you (although, to be honest, finding that forum traumatized me.) Just telling you so you will be prepared to educate them so that they can do their damn job without humiliating you. And please, make sure they monitor your blood pressure until this situation is resolved.

    Good luck. You'll be ok, just don't wait too long!

    KLD-Can you hook him up with some links to info he can print out and take with him?

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    Betheny is spot on, if you have to go to uc/er take info sheet ...very important

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