Was in complete oblivion to the swine flu while there, just got back from an awesome trip to PVR. If you haven't gone you should. I only spent one afternoon actually in PVR the rest of the time was spent at an all-inclusive resort north of PVR in Nuevo Vallarta. I went with my sister and brother-in-law and my younger brother. In order of where I spent the most time, here it goes:

Hotel : RIU Palace Pacifico. Opened in October 2008. The place was immaculate and still smells brand new.

The entire hotel is all tile or concrete. The only rugs I saw were the ones on each side of the bed. Pretty much the entire place is wheelchair accessible.

The Pool

Tons of lounge chairs around the pool. The pool is huge and has tiled loungers in the water. Easy to get in and out of for a T-12. The waitstaff was awesome and were constantly circling the pool taking drink orders. Bathrooms at pool had a private bathroom for wheelchair users with grab bars on the wall and a lockable door.

The Restaurants

Tons of food for every kind of eater. It seemed like everytime I entered the restaurant, they asked me what table I liked and they would immediately move the chair at the table. Then someone would follow me around the buffet and I simply pointed at what I wanted, they would plate it up and bring it to my table.

The only complaint I have was restaurant location. The hotel is like a big U and at one end of the U there is a ramp up to the lobby and restaurant level. The other end of the U is steps leading up to the lobby level. Well, the restaurant that was open most of the time was on the steps side so I had to go up the ramp and go all the way around to the other side. But if that is the only heartache, I ain't doing too bad. This is Mexico remember, accessibility is a new thang.

The Room

Roll in shower with small shower bench and grab bars near the toilet. Bed was a little high but managed ok. I went in my sister's room which was a standard room and their bathroom too was huge. A T-12 could easily function in that type of room as well.

The beach wasn't really accessible but family helped me get down to the water where I parasailed. (awesome) Also treated myself to a massage. At first they didn't want to give me a massage due to liability reasons. The registration form asked questions about a spinal injury. My brother-in-law is a doctor and also speaks Spanish so he smoothed it over with the people and it felt awesome.

The rest of the time was spent laying out by the pool, reading, drinking and eating.

If you have any questions please let me know.