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Thread: My new Quickie Ti

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    My new Quickie Ti

    Just in this week. Lovin' it so far. Thanks everyone for the info in these threads - invaluable.
    14"w x 16"d frame
    low jetstream back
    stimulite classic cushion
    emotion wheels (alas the narrower M15's were not available)
    switch out with 24" spinergy's with pushblacks

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    dam nice chair..... love it!
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    That's a sharp lookin' chair.

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    i like mine. comfortably flexy & it's standing up to daily beating in the shop really well! congrats! Steve.

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    Looks great! Thank you for sharing pictures, I really like when you all share pictures.

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    Nice ride loreo. It looks like you have more squeeze/dump than I thought possible with emotion or xtenders. Maybe it's an optical illusion but could you please share your rear and front seat to floor measurements?

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    Thanks everyone.
    I'm glad to hear about durability Steve. I thought it may be less so than the Ti-lite but I took a risk because I liked the smaller tube size. I'm all about less chair.

    Webfoot, I have 3" dump: rsf 15", fsf 18". I was not told that I was limited. The cushion may be deceiving the camera - it is not broken-in yet.

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    I've had Quickie Ti for 6 yrs. Very reliable and performs well.

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    Thanks loreo

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