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Thread: dad with SCI recently home from rehab- question re home aides

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    A van would be much more functional than a car. You can find used adapted vans at or on eBay (search under "wheelchair van").

    I assume your dad is not a military veteran? Where did he go for his rehab?

    You don't need abdominals to do your own bowel care.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HURLEY View Post
    Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts. SCI nurse, my dad is pretty good on a computer so I will suggest that he get on the forums. I don't know why the rehab center didn't teach him how to be more independent with regard to bathroom stuff, but I suspect it has something to do with his abs not being strong enough yet? Dale, how do you manage to go 3 days without a bowel routine, if you dont mind my asking? I think my dad will continue to work although he is semi-retired as well. We are trying to figure out how to get him driving but it is going to require reconfiguring a car because he is too tall for most cars on the market- that is a whole different issue though. It seems like all these little hurdles really add up in the beginning, which is why it so helpful to hear from people who have moved past it all into a more regular routine. Thanks again!
    I did not plan to change my BM routine it just happened. Medications caused me to become constipated for two days, that did not bother me much, so I switched to every other day. Eventually added one more day, so like today (Monday) a BM, then again on Wednesday.

    Your best bet for a car is a two door. Of course he will need a folding wheelchair (the lighter the better), transfer in to the car, fold the chair, put it in the back seat. Some take off the wheels first. That's a real pain!!

    Beings I have a bad left shoulder rotor cuff, a car did not suit me. Getting help to get the chair out of the trunk, didn't work out after a while at work, especially for parking it. So I had to get a ramp van. Had the hand controls taken out of the car and put into the van. Added a electric slide back drivers seat (used) to make the transfer easy. Have the switch for the seat on the side, forward and back and rotate right. Controls for the side door and ramp on the dash and by the door, also came with a remote.

    Like SCI Nurse said a van would be more functional. Mine is a used Chrysler Town and Country. Hopefully your dad doesn't have to foot the bill, they are spendy. Lots of good sites out there including Evil-Bay.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!


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