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Thread: Anybody tried this kayak?

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    I live in Charleston, SC. So virtually a ridiculous amount of places to go. We're hitting up some tidal creeks this weekend. Several rivers around here leading to the ocean and some smaller islands we can paddle to. Intercoastal is a possibility and within an hour or so we have lots of blackwater routes. I'll try to post some pics after the weekend.

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    These are from yesterday. We went with another couple and it was much easier transfering in and out of the kayak since my buddy could pick me up. For weight shifts during the trip I'd just get two of them to come up on the side of mine and they would sandwich me in, giving me enough stability to do a depression and lift myself out of the seat. I've got stabilizers on order though and they should make the weight shifts easier. In addition to the hard back in my kayak I put a cushion behind my back which helps with stability and posture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tman9513 View Post
    Does anybody with knowledge into kayak matters know if these guys are still around?

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    [quote=Tman9513;1049647]I've got stabilizers on order though and they should make the weight shifts easier. quote]

    Hey Tman what kind of stabilizers did you order?

    Im also leaning towards the Pungo, 10 or 12ft cant deicide!

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    Shaun: I actually just put these on my kayak last week and haven't gotten the chance to try them out. I'll update this thread whenever I get back out on the water and give a review. That Prodigy looks good man, it's got a fairly long cockpit (51") and I think that's the key to getting in and out easier. Plus you'll have space to lean forward and adjust your legs/feet. If you can find the foam pontoons, the rest of the outrigger setup can be made at home. All they do is use PVC pipe, rod holders, and the foam. A simple T joint at the foam and then the PVC is coated with the truck bedliner stuff that you can find at Lowe's. If I had known this was the extent of the product I would have made my own stabilizers and saved some money. I would go with a longer kayak simply because they track better in the water, but you really can't go wrong with either the Wilderness Systems of Perception. It's a really good core workout.

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    Ya let me know for sure what ya think of it! Being C5/6 the core part of it is pretty much out for me,but its a nice change of pace from the regular cardio and weight routine. As well as the larger cockpit,i need to keep it stable so im trying to stay around 30'' width as well..

    Old Town Vapor and Otter seem cool!

    I fired off an e-mail to these guys about there outrigger systems,im going to be driving right past there front door in a couple weeks so im going to stop in

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    Those outriggers should be faster and lower drag than the floats I've got. I found some slick molded plastic ones online similar to your link but I didn't want to pay that much for them. I'm C6/C7 and it takes me a lot of focus to balance but I've gotten better at it. The only problem is stability when trying to do weight shifts. I think the stabilizers should take care of that though. You might want to look into a half skirt to keep water and sun off your legs. I've got one and it works well, especially if your legs like to spaz when water gets on them.

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    Hey all you kayaking fans. Did you know there's now a world championships for kayakers with disabilities? The first one was held this year. Next year it will be in Poland.

    Disability kayaking is coming under the heading 'paddleability' and they are trying to get it into the 2016 paralympic games in Rio.

    Here's some links to more info
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