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    Question PCP Experienced in SCI

    PCP Experienced in SCI
    My daughter will be returning to her home in Maryland. Should her PCP have experience with patients with SCI? Is there a list of PCP's who have experience with SCI patients.

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    It is unusual to find a PCP who is an internist or GP who is familiar with SCI at all. Some physiatrists will function as PCPs, although not all. It would be best to have a physiatrist too even if you have an internist as the PCP. The physiatrist should provide specialty SCI care and evaluations, and consultation to the PCP in this case. Even physiatrists who do not do primary care can often refer you to a decent internist that they work with on a regular basis, which is better than nothing. If you look for physiatrists who do primary care, it is an extra bonus if they also have a second board certification in Spinal Cord Medicine.

    Here is a listing of physiatrists for your state:


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