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Thread: The KSL Kuschall

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    The KSL Kuschall

    Have you seen the new Kuschall KSL ..... what do you think

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    I believe Kuschall pulled out of the US market.

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    Kuschall used to make great chairs. I had one about 15 years ago. Then E & J bought them out and quality nose dived. I believe I recently read that Kuschall was sold to a Swiss company. They may be back on track, but I would have to check one out close up to consider it.
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    I loved Kuschall chairs. I had 4 of them in the past. The chair looks interesting, but getting one in the states can be tricky from what I understand.
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    Unimpressive. Aside from the lack of a support bar underneath it looks no different than virtually every other L frame chair that has hit the market in the last five years.

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    I can't see the difference between this one and the one I have, it is something between a K4 and an Airlight Pro.

    I think Küshall has the best chairs, at least from the ones we can get here. It is very nice to wheel, much better than the Quickie and the Panthera, but I have friends who prefer the Panthera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stefano View Post
    Have you seen the new Kuschall KSL ..... what do you think

    You only can buy this chair in German and Great Britain.
    The total weigh with wheels is under 7 kg and the frame 4.5kg.

    But i don`t like that you only can choose 3 measures for your deep seat and only two front angles, 75º or 90º.

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    The chair is very expensive (ca. 5000 Euro with equipment), the maximum seatwide is only 16,5 inch, the deep 16 and you can't move the back, even not for transport,cause it's fixed. That's not a chair for me.

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    If you can't move the back down it is useless. How are we going to put it in the taxi then
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