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Thread: Lower back pain

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    Lower back pain

    Hey, L1 Incomplete, crazy nerve pain in legs from mnkees down. 2 back fusions, 2nd one seems better but still have agonizing lower back pain!!! Making it hard to function at therapy and home with family. I'm ! year post and take 300 mg neurotin a day, 3 350 mg somas, 6-8 5 mg opananas daily,1 10 mg ambien, 1 20 mg lexapro and 1 .5 mg lexapro. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TY!!!

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    Depending on how well you can tolerate it, your dose on Neurontin is quite low if you're using it to treat neuropathic pain. Many people take serveral times that amount. If you have problems tolerating higher doses, or it still isn't effective, then consider switching over to Lyrica.

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    jason james, that must be a misprint the secind 1.5 lex?
    i think that neurotin works better than lyrica, it definitely works much differently.
    neurontin i slept easily, lyrica i needed meds to sleep.
    looking back, neurontin had some great anti anxiety side effect.
    i dont see a 24/7 narc pain reliever?
    cauda equina

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