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Thread: Laptop Battery

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    Laptop Battery

    I got a new Laptop in Dec. 08 I have never charged the battery
    is it OK to not charge it or should I put it in and let it charge all the

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    It should've been put in and charged right away. Since you've never used it, there's a possibility the battery will charge but not stay charged for very long. Good luck with that.
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    I heard that battery must be charged within a year to be fully functional, pass this delay, you will have not long charged with it.

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    Thanks I will charge it & use it

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    In the "olden days" of laptops some people said that removing the battery during AC use would extend the life of the battery. Perhaps that was true with old Nickel-Cadmium batteries [probably not] but it certainly isn't true with batteries in use today.

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    Its generally relative at most cases.
    you can always check the manuals.
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