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Thread: Instant coffee

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    Instant coffee

    I know this may be sacreligous to some out here but I find myself using instant coffee sometimes when trying to hit the road in the morning.
    Can anyone recommend a good instant? (is there such a thing?)


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    lol Garvey ....... silence is golden ... you may have the answer to your question !!

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    Folgers makes the individual bags (like tea bags). You can heat the water in the micro and let the bag seep for a minute or two...tastes just like brewed coffee.
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    I just tried Nescafe Clasico - pretty good!

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    Oh, the humanity, say it ain't so

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    My sister operates a coffee distribution company. She sells coffee that she imports from my fathers coffee plantation in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is one of the best places on earth to grow coffee. If you guys want great tasting coffee for a fair price check out her website.
    She helps me out with bills from time to time so it also helps out a person in a chair. Give it a try you wont be disapointed...

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    The father of a close friend was once served instant coffee at the home of a neighbor. Many years later, he went to his grave still offended by the insult of such rudeness.

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    I have a brother that works for Starbucks and he said he got a chance to try there new instant coffe and sai it was far better than any other kind you can buy it here
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    I have a Keurig brewer. You pop in a single serve "K-cup" and your coffee or tea is ready to go in less than 30 seconds. Lots of different coffees available, much better than regular "instant" or the Folger's packets. I buy from Green Mountain. It's a great machine for those with limited or no hand function since no pouring is required.

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    The best instant on the planet is 360 brand from Wholefoods.

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