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Thread: spinal infarction/ vascular steal

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    spinal infarction/ vascular steal

    A renowned neurologist just informed that suffering a prolonged ischemic insult to the spinal cord, infarction turns more nerve tissue into necrotic scar tissue. The damage to the intrinsic cord itself is far more widespread with significant complete destruction in the grey matter. Motoneurons, if one suffers a serious ASA syndrome, are virtually wiped out completely like in some nuclear holocaust.

    I always assumed that this type of injury would be easier ( in theory ), to address and potentially fix, since I believed that there was no scar tissue, and the cord itself is intact with no outer structural damage. Boy was I wrong I just found- in my case I suffered prolong ischemia due to a spinal avm, or to the neuro's at mt. sinai who were clueless, called it foix-aljuon syndrome. Since the central damage within the spinal cord was just above the Conus, it is safe to assume that the few, like me with such bad luck, that walking is not going to happen within anyone's lifetime.

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    For those of us with spinal infarctions, is there any way we can find out how much damage was done to the grey matter and motoneurons?

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    good question

    I know that it's easy to see in MRI's how atrophied the spinal cord becomes, but as far as I know, they only can see the real damage if you're dead and a cross-section of the spinal cord is examined.

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    stem cell treatment

    i have had a spinal cord infrac 6 months ago. bladder, bowl in bad shape and can walk 6 to 10 steps with walker. lower back pain and legs and feet pain in bed. would like to hear from ANYONE who has had stem cell treatment anywhere, thanks
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    poobear, I removed your personal e-mail address. It is not wise to post this on a public forum, as it leaves you vulnerable to cyberstalkers and spammers. People on this forum who want to send you a message can use either the PM function or private e-mail links you have turned on in your profile.

    You will also find members on our forums more likely to respond to your questions if you would complete your profile. Spammers and trolls often leave their profile empty.

    I would encourage you to do some reading in the Cure forum about the current state of the art of human stem cell research. There is really no legitimate therapy yet available, but lots of scams and ineffective expensive treatments.

    Did you get a good spinal cord injury specialty rehab program after your infarct? Are you on a good bowel and bladder management program? Are you still getting physical therapy?


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    CDurfee, you had a ASA injury but are complete? That doesn't make sense. ASA leaves light touch, vibration and proprio-sensation intact. And my MRIs still show a very thin needle like mark from C5 on the right heading slightly in and down toward C7 on the left. MRIs have gotten better and yet any scar tissue I have must be minimal. At first glance I thought the area of high intensity had been photographed with a pin pointing to the infarcted artery. I started out as an ASIA B sensation only and on life support in 1992 to hit ASIA C/D with areas of normal sensation on my lower left leg by 2000. It's back to PT soon for me but I am looking more towards the research done on TM to help us, well, me.
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    Mine happen in October Of 2007 at the T1o area.The Dr said it was so bad I wouldn't walk again and to get a wheel chair.Four days later i started to get some movement in both legs but no feeling at all.i went to a rehab hospital for 4 weeks and out patient rehab for 4 more months I can walk again but not real steady because of balence.Ihad Another MRI 5 months ago an d Now they say there is an arachnoid sist at T11-12 area.I never regaind bladder and bowl fuction.I use a wheelchair late in the day because the legs stop working well

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