“Strength and determination help paralyzed women walk on 21st birthday.” That was the headline for WZZM 13 news in Grand Rapids MI on April 22.Our daughter was in a severe car accident four and a half years ago, which left her
with a C5 C6 spinal cord injury. She was left with no movement from the chest down.
The local doctors told us that she would not walk again. After that prognosis, we decided to research alternative medical treatments. Our research took us to the Neuro Vita Clinic
in Russia which performs Adult Stem Cell treatments. We have now been to Russia 7 times since June of 2006. With the combination of stem cell and physical therapy, Kadi
has shown remarkable progress, to the point of taking steps with some assistance.
To view the story go to htt://tr.im/kadidehaan or WZZM 13.com the story was run on April 22nd and 23rdIt also ran on HLN on the 23rd of April. You can also view her progress on YouTube.com by searching Kadi DeHaan

Kadi is such a inspiration!