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Thread: wheelchair backs

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    yeah killzone 2 is sick but i ddnt reaaly like the control layout, game is good but dnt fnk id enjoy it with the control layout.. these days im very selective of my games cause of my quad hands lol. but i definitely hold my own on call of duty waw 24000 kills lol.

    im on my second run through of bioshock, working for them ps3 trophies lol...cnt wait for bioshock 2
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    I have the same back and cut the top 2" off square in a bandsaw and like it much better. When I lean back I don't roll of to either side. I also glued additional 1/4 pad strips on the side wings, under the pad so it cradles me better.

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    ADI Accessible Designs which make the Jetstream Pro now make a 13" high back. Also they have a new aluminum series .
    I have been using the Jetstream Pro 16" high back and it does not give me the lateral support I need. I am purchasing the med height 13" high aluminum 4" deep contour back w/e clamp mounts. Will let you know if it works out better than the 2.5" deep back.

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    I needed a higher back & used: They have different heights. Now it's MUCH BETTER!
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    Jay GO Wheelchair Back

    Has anyone tried the new Jay GO Wheelchair Back?

    It looks good and the padding covers the posts so our backs are not pushed up against the posts?

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