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Thread: Summer concerts

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    Coldplay - may 26 - NJ

    Being in a chair has its advantages when its concert time!
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    well summer is jam packed full of shows

    next weekend yonder mountain string band 2 nights

    then elton john & billy joel


    Phish in stl and wisconsin

    possibly summercamp music festival

    forecastle fest in july in louisville, KY

    a couple more i'm forgetting.
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    Chicago Blues Festival June 12 - 14. Not really sure who's playin.

    Ronnie Baker Brooks @ Ribberfest August 22nd Madison, Indiana
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    Going to miss Nine Inch Nails on the 15th of this month because of this stupid sore. It's too bad if I miss it to because they are one of my favorite groups. I still may go, just make sure I do a LOT of weight shifts, even though I know it would be bad for me.
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    Checking out VNV Nation tomorrow! Cool Euro-techno music...should be an awsome show.

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