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Thread: Help with Projections Handrims + Spinergy Wheels [pic inside]

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    Wow, chriZ, you did a great job constructing your projections! They look really nice! Way to go! Glad you got it solved so cheaply as well!

    p.s. CurvySATO5, Brianm may be concerned about the diameter also because of the way he grasps the rim as well as the projections. But I have plastic coated and chriZ's rims don't look narrower than usual to me.
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    chriZ, I just read this whole thread and looked at your pictures. What a fantastic job you did, and at a great cost too. Good job!

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    It doesn't much matter anymore, he has what he wants/needs and did a very good job.

    (What I was getting at though was that while the projections needed to be longer, as he has the short ones, I had those for a short time long ago and didn't like them either, but the diameter of the the handrim seems quite small to me as well, compared to mine. So a combination of longer projections and larger diameter handims would have been better from the start. Lets say he could use the small projections, they were way smaller in diameter to the wheel.)

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