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Thread: Bea Arthur Passes Away

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    Bea Arthur Passes Away

    I was sad to read on CNN that Bea Arthur passed away from cancer today. She was 86. She's long been a favorite of mine. My late grandmother introduced me to Maude and Golden Girls and watching both shows on dvd always makes me smile. Although Maude especially was a little before my time so I didn't always get all the political and other joke references. She was a very funny and very talented lady.

    One of my favorite clips from the Golden Girls, when Dorothy and Sophia dress up as Sonny and Cher and sing "I Got You Babe":

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    Maude, we hardly knew you. I saw all the Maude" shows when they were fresh, not re-runs. Bea Arthur probably lived within a 30-mile radius of me, in Westchester County, New York.

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    She was a genuine comedic talent. I still watch reruns of Golden girls at night when I can't sleep. Puts me in a relaxed and content mood.

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    She was a hoot! RIP.


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    I loved her too, and always felt that she was one of those people who would be fascinating to have lunch with. Part of the brilliance of 'Golden Girls' was that they were allowed to discuss things that other shows in that time period were not, specifically because they were "older ladies." It was a marvelous use of ageism turned back upon itself.

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    I'll always love Maude Findlay and Dorothy Zbornak. Thank you, Bea, for all the laughs! You were one of a kind.

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    This makes me sad. Losing Maude is like the end of an era. Yes, it was an era of love beads and incense and headbands, but it was a good one. And she made it a lot better. Maude was kind of revolutionary, at the time.

    RIP Bea.

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    I loved her too...a great actress...prayers for her friends and family at this time...


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    RIP Bea.

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    I loved watching her too. She had great timing. Rip.

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