I am here to observe the walking program at the Hospital in Kunming.

Arrived at Newark Liberty airport at 12 noon for a 3:15 flight to Honk Kong.
When checking in I alerted the ticket agent I would need a isle transfer chair.

3:05, 20 minutes until boarding I decide to fill my stomach with some American food before I leave, slice with everything from Sbarro, not bad.
3:25 boarding time, no chair. No biggie, just had to wait at the mouth of the plane a few minutes. It did hold up others from boarding though.
Departed Newark about 3:45pm scheduled to land in 15 hrs 5 minutes.
Big plane seats 9 across- 3, 3 & 3. I was told the seats were roomier, don’t think so. Even worse, my seat barely reclines because I’m at the end of the 2nd section. I do have the row to myself, and the arm rests fold up, so I may try to crash later if need be.

4:15, dinner is served- salmon with rice, salad, brownie, fortune cookie, Chardonnay, & Ambien. Salmon was good. wine also great brownie.
Confucious say- Do what is right, not what you should. I guess I’ll figure that out when time comes.
About the Ambien- have never taken until a few weeks ago. I made a special trip to my dr because I’m not a happy flier, too big for the seats, especially sitting on a 4” cushion. My Dr prescribed 12.5 milligrams. I wanted to experiment so I took one a few weeks ago and it didn’t do much. On two other occasions I too 2 before going to bed and almost slept the whole night. I figured 3 would be the optimal dose on the plane..
5:50-Really, 13 more hours. Gonna check out on demand.
Watched Valkyrie-pretty good.
Went to bathroom, condom cath didn’t leak.
Cool, just found flight map in vid monitor-
13hrs to go, presently over Hudson Bay Canada, Altitude 32,011k ft, 502 mph

9:13 10 hrs to go 2 ambian and a glass of wine , should knock me out
Gonna try to lie across the seats.

5am-7501 mi traveled, 897 to go 5:21pm arrival 574mph 40,098 feet.
Urinated again, no leaks.
Slept on and off pretty well. Lying across the 3 seats wasn’t bad def better than sitting up.
5:20 Breakfast being served- eggs fruit and something I couldn’t identify but ate half of.

Landed safely although it kinda windy teetered back and forth.
Raining, very humid, about 75 I guess.

Took a cab to hotel, waiting in line to check in and my traveling buddy from Keck Center realized we were at wrong hotel. Back in a cab.
At correct hotel, got plug converter to charge mac, falling asleep.

Tomorrow morning flight to Kunming, then to rehab hospital.