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Thread: lexapro, how long off does it take to get the rebound?

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    lexapro, how long off does it take to get the rebound?

    i think i screwed up , i was hoping the cabergoline prolactin lowering med would take care of the need fo lexapro.
    so i started weaning off slowly with no ill effects , or so i thought, i think it has been around a 4 full Weeks with no lexapro, (well i started again 2 days ago).
    the last 2 or 3 days things really changed for the worse. today has been the worse so far, cant go out, so far cant do anything, i cant image waiting a month to get it working again.
    i just have been having so much trouble with side effects with all my meds, the lexapro had the sexual side effects that i hated, it made me not want to date, but i have been getting extremely lonely. The other anxiety med i have is xanax and it is not a good med to use with my pain med methadone.
    i have been dealing with these problems for over 2 years, and i was really happy to at least be able to pleasure myself for the first time in about a year. is there any thing i should see my doctor for next week to try to get back on track quicker?
    i have had my hopes to high on the cabergoline being the fix , high prolactin causing my problems,
    got he prolactin down to good levels 0.3 from over 80.
    i also have developed a real big problem with a hot face , seems much worse when i sit my face gets real hot,. at 70 degrees i have to have fans blowing on my face.
    last week it was in the high 70's and i couldn't deal with it , i could take the heat. i had started trt and that hot face may have started with it, but sounds like the opposite effect
    cauda equina

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    Call your physician and see if they want to see you sooner than the current appointment you have. Your case is complex and really needs to be dealt with with the provider who is familiar with you.


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