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Thread: new powerchair

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    new powerchair

    i'm posting this in life instead of equipment because i think more will see it.

    so, my 8 yr old quickie p222 went into the shop yesterday with a list of needs. i love this chair, but the cost of repair is thousands, so the shop put in a request for a new chair. they told me this model is no longer made, but i did a web search and found it on the manufacturer's site (sunrise).

    anybody have a recent p222? thanks.

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    yes, that is the chair; however, the site is a medical supplier one, i believe. here is the manufacturer's site:

    anyway, do you have experience with a newer one? my 8 yr old chair has been very good and i love the fact i can remove the entire base in minutes in case of car transportation. it is also excellent offroad. a crucial item for me is they customize my armrests. mine look nothing like those pictured. i need simple flip up ones without all that hardware underneath. so the engineering department has worked with me on the last 2 powerchairs i've had. they simply use the manual chair armrest attached by a bolt, allowing me to easily flip the armrest up.

    but i have no idea if the current version is as good. thanks!
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    Hi Cass,
    The same thing happened with my Invacare chair. Too many repairs to justify cost. My vender tells me that Quickie is in the process of slowly phasing out all powerchairs, and suggested that I not even try to get one. I have searched the web and I am unable to verify this. Anyone else know anything about it?


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    oh boy. if that is the case, i'm ordering this chair PDQ. invacare refused to work wih me on armrests.

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    My P222 is newish, about four years old. I think Quickie makes an excellent powerchair - durable, good floor-to-seat height and compact. It'd be a shame if they stopped making them.

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    thank you, clipper. has been my experience for years! i am going to contact them.

    my 222 and my 200 before that have been excellent, durable chairs. ppl have literally dropped their chins as i have offroaded with them. i'm calling sunrise tomorrow.
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    my 222se is ?....4 this month...i parts in dec and sunrise said nothing about quickie pc discontinue, in fact they have new models...however, they did stop their other pc brand last year...i forget name

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