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    i'm trying to raise money to go to some of these different rehab facilities throughout the country. i want to do more than just bake sales, dances and raffles. does anyone have any ideas? someone had suggested a celebrity auction. is that something that a patient can pull off or is that only done for foundation and organizations etc? i'm not sure where to go w/any of this so any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    My sons fund raiser is Dec. 14. There is a dinner at the high school at noon and there is a free will offering. There were committees chosen and the food committee made alot of phone calls and got all of the food donated for the meal and Burger King donated the drinks and the churches the bars. Plus the raffle tickets are going like hot cakes around here and will still be for sale at the dinner. Just be sure if you do a raffle, checks with your states gambling board for rules of having a raffle.

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