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Thread: new kitchen-insulation under cooktop

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    new kitchen-insulation under cooktop

    Hi everyone

    I am finally getting my kitchen done to be accessible. A wall oven, space under sink and roll under cooktop. Anyways, I was wondering how those of you with roll under cooktops insulate it so you dont get burnt?

    This is all very exciting- I've never actually been able to see the stove before so cooking has just been guess work. Can't wait!
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    Is it gas or electric? Ours is gas and it sits on a wood platform. I think most cooktops are insulated underneath already. Nobody ever mentioned that heat would be an issue. I was told to watch the pipes under the sink though.

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    Thanks for responding Jaycue. I am going electric, probably getting induction or ceramic.
    "The impossible is just that which hasn't been done yet.Impossible is nothing"

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    Good Luck!
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    I took the plunge, spent the extra bucks for an induction cooktop and it's awesome! My roll under cook top does not heat up underneath and the top only heats when there's a pot on the burner. As soon as the pot is removed, it cools quickly to the touch - very safe. It's also very thin, so there's not much wasted space or anything hitting your knees.

    The only drawback is that you may have to look for new pots and pans. Since it works magnetically, only pots and pans that are steel will work. Take a magnet with you when you look for pans, if the magnet sticks to the pan, it will work. Cast iron also works, but aluminum will not.

    I was lucky to be able to build a new house so I have both a standard gas oven/range and the induction cook top. But I did have to buy some new pots.

    One other tip - When they asked where I wanted the cook top placed in the countertop, I offset it so I have some prep space along side the cooktop. When I roll under the counter facing the cooktop, the cooktop is just off to my right. Looking down, the edge of the cooktop is about in the center of where I roll under it. This gives me room to cut veggies, open cans, crack eggs or whatever, without rolling around the kitchen. I'm a c-5 quad and this works great even for me.

    Good luck!

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