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Thread: I just had something terrifying happen

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    I just had something terrifying happen

    I'm still processing this as it just happened 30 minutes ago, but I just went down my 6 or 7 porch steps in my iBOT. And I was not in stair climbing function. Luckily, I'm not badly injured. I have lots of scrapes and my wrist is swollen and bruised, but nothing else has swollen up. That was so fucking scary though. Have you ever unintentionally gone down stairs in power chair?

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    my biggest ouch.

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    Ouch! Wow Shannon, I am glad you were not hurt any worse than you are. Keep ice on your wrist for awhile. So far I haven't accidentally gone down stairs in my power chair......and I don't even want to think that I might! Take good care of yourself.

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    Never ever! Guess it's a hazard w/ the iBot. just like not turning off one's joystick near curious two year olds or large dogs with cold noses
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    I have not. But have also heard of people getting hurt doing this. Also, some powerchair users get hurt when one side of their chair slips off of the sidewalk curb into the street, whipping them onto their sides the break arms or smack heads, not to mention the danger of laying in the street.

    I'm glad you are not more badly hurt. Keep an eye on things, especially anywhere you can't feel that might be hurt without you knowing. That arm may need an x-ray to be safe.

    I'm very scared of my stairs. Any time I am near the top of them before bringing up my platform lift and catch myself not being 100% focused on my position relative to them I scold myself.

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    Whats an Ibot? I think I know but am not quite sure. And how did you do this again. I'm glad you're ok, did you fall out of your ibot and tumble down the stairs. Take care of your hand it looks like its going to be sore.

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    OW! Did you stay in the chair, or fall out? I would have been worried about the chair landing on you. Glad you are ok. I agree lots of ice!

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    Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Sorry for your wreck. Bad as it was. glad it wasn't worse. Ice, aspirin - and think about getting checked out by a doc ASAP, just for safety sake and peace of mind. Any bumps on the head?

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    wow that thing could have crushed you, glad your okay
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    OUCH!! I hope your taking care of yourself. I don't want to try this myself, ever. Take care'

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