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Thread: Hi all im new to all of this

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    hi, welcome to care cure. glad to meet you, though, my heart aches for it, having a lovely daughter of my own. please keep us posted on your progress, in the meantime, my heartfelt best wishes to you and your recovery.

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    You will get a walk through in your house with your physical therapist and occupational therapist to see what you need and if your home is ready for you.

    Just a thought do you know how many physical therapists it takes to turn in a light bulb?

    None they will make you do it

    Smile when you want to cry and cry anytime you need to. It is important to keep in touch with positive people and remember your going to have bad and good days. We are here to help and believe it or not you are helping us too. Well I will talk for myself and say you are helping me.
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    Emily, You should look up On their home page there is a story about Natalie, a 16 year old softball player who was injured last year. She has a great story. You probably have a lot in common with her. She's a great girl and is now taking her first steps.

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    Hang in their Emile. Your such a sweet young girl, life holds many suprises for you. Ask away, any questions. I was in no Calif , for a yr anyway, San Mateo says hi. Washington now, good luck hope you do well.

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    Emily,talk to your OT about outings to the mall,movies,park etc.It's fun getting a change of scenery not to mention two can start practicing on how to handle money,shopping,transfers etc. while out.

    Another thing that dramatically helped me was having friends over to spend the evening w/ me.We'd watch movies,do dinner,go on walks,etc.I also made plans for weekend to spend the day away from rehab.It didn't matter what,I just needed to be away from it all.Is this possible for you to do?Talk it over with your parents,I'm sure there is a way.If you're in a power chair,public transportation with lifts are available for a very reasonable rate.That is if trans. is a problem.Think about it,it's important to just be yourself again too.

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    Just wanted to say "HI" and let you know this isn't the end of the world. There will be many hard times ahead but nothing you can't handle because the good Lord never gives us a cross bigger than we can carry. From experience I have learned to give it all I have and just knowing someone up above is always watching and helping makes it all easier. The best of luck always!
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    Just want to say get a cushion shower chair, toilet rise with cushion if need it. Bed rails so u can move side to side securing from getting a sore. I sip on prune juice every other day for bowel program to go well along with a magic bullet u have to order online. Cold will bother you so keep urself in a nice envoirment. If u need any info ask! Take care and god bless you...
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    So sorry to hear about your situation. This is the place to be for answers. There is so much to learn here. My son was 14 when he was injured two years ago. It's so important to stay positive and work as hard as you can in PT and OT. Don't let the complete label get to you. Many people (including my son) are initially labeled complete when in fact they are not a true complete. Have you tried getting in the pool yet? Water therapy was wonderful for my son. It took a little getting used to how his body behaved in the water, but he just loved it. Once out of rehab, getting back to school and into a routine is helpful, being around friends was helpful for my son too. Hang in there sweetie and don't give up hope.

    Best wishes.
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    hi emile, my name is nataliie buchoz i'm 18 I suffered a spinal cord injury on december 2007 and now can walk short distances, I worked soo hard in therapy and I to was OBSESSSSED with softball I had been playing since I was 4, had big plans on a schlorship to play for the ucla bruins, i had been playing travelball siince I was 9, keep the faith and just be strong cuz life does go on after a spinal cord injury it might be alot harder and diffeerent but god only gives you what he knows you can handle..<3

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    I just dont know what to do with my self my life use to be sports but I cant really do that anymore im only a freshman in high school and now im in a wheelchair for the rest of my life im just lost.
    Hang in there Emie. I am a c6/c7 complete and I was 43 when I was injured. I felt like I had nothing left when I was first injured but things get better and I am very glad that I have been around and experienced the good things that have happened after my injury. You are so young that I have no doubt that you will be walking again due to stem cell therapy and still have most of your life ahead of you. You also may want to look into getting a service dog. I have had one and she has been my best friend for the past ten years and has bailed me out of some tough situations.
    Hand in there!
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