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Thread: feedback on my youtube video please

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    feedback on my youtube video please

    I am not good on the computer and but I wanted to do this video idea for a long time so I finally dove into doing it Sunday on Microsoft Movie Maker and posted it yesterday, very quick turn around for me. My production quality is rough but I am happy with the format and content. If you can take a look and give me feedback. It is thank you Bruce

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    Hi Bruce,

    You did a very nice job on the video. Done proud.

    The flower pics were taken with a good eye and talent too.

    If I ever decide to visit I'll look up your website or call your 800#.

    My cuz used to live on Maui... now in Honolulu.

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    like the pics and music, but found the sliding text distracting and too fast

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    I agree about the text. I tried to figure out how slow it down but couldn't find any controls for it. I also tried some "transition" in the flower section, what a boon doggle that was, after that I went safe. I have some other video ideas like actual locations on Maui with directions etc that I want to do so hopely I'll get a bit more skilled. And Bob thank you. I do feel Done Proud. Usually I get frustrated (grumpy) with computer stuff but this project was fun. I was also very impressed how the music worked so well.

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    Text is too fast and is your website spelled wrong in the end?

    I WANT TO GO!!
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    Great video! We want to go to Hawaii sooooo bad. We will defintely be calling you when we have our dates set. I agree with the text being too fast. It was hard to read for me. Good job on this project and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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    thank you all for your feedback. it was nice to feel safe about showing my first try. didn't have a clue how it all worked, kind of intimidating. hopefully I can get a few of you over sometime. aloha Bruce

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