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    youtube video

    I am not good on the computer and wanted to do this video idea for a long time so I finally dove into doing it Sunday on Microsoft Movie Maker and posted it yesterday, very quick turn around for me. My production quality is rough but I am happy with the format and content. If you can take a look and give me feedback. It is thank you Bruce

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    Very nice and looks very comfortable. Do u rent your condo? If so, pm me price and details.

    Maui i always imagine it as a laid back place

    BTW good job putting the video together, at 1st the words seem to be moving too fast, but i go focus.
    coolbreeze c6/7

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    I see you in the sand with your power chair, whenever I try thhat I get stuck. Was wondering if you do?

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    Some of Amy and my biggest fights have happened because of me getting stuck in the sand. Sand is evil. You learn to read the terrain but sometimes you get suckered in. Maui is bad for that as you want to just push your luck a bit more cause it is exotic and new.

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    That blue line sucks. too big, too high, too distracting

    Maui looks tempting though

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    I would have loved a more subtle scroll but couldn't find it. loved to make it narrower, move it to the bottom and go slowly. I used the microsoft movie maker that came on my Toshiba. I would assume this is bare bones. I'd like the flexiubility of manipulating more variables than I had with microsoft movie maker. Any suggestions? thanx Bruce

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    l really appreciate your feed back cause I want to get better at it as I have the content and script in my head. And I want to be able to produce a product that shows what I want and not distract because of a blue scroll line. Your powerpoint idea is good and my wife has that program, can you upload powerpoint presentation to Youtube? I checked out that Animoto and it was cool but I don't think I could add the script I'd like. It has been a fun project so far. aloha Bruce

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    I am not American but for me the text did go a little to quickly, I had trouble reading and looking the video at the same time.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    All i can say is,Professionally Done.
    Nice video,you'v really put youtube to good use
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