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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Network USA (SCINetUSA)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    The estimate for compassionate use is 50k for the surgery/3 days inpatient hospital stay, 50k for 6 weeks of intensive PT, 50k for 3-6 months of walking program. If you don't have a qualified surgeon near you, housing would be another expense. If chosen for the clinical trial, the only cost would be housing, clinical trials are free.
    Jim, could you please clarify for me "If you don't have a qualified surgeon near you". Does that mean that surgeons from various locations around the country will be trained in the surgical procedure for this therapy and will be available for compassionate use at the same time as the surgeons at the centers you mentioned? Also, if that's the case, what about the therapists? Will they be trained and available for compassionate use outside the listed centers as well? Or, is a trip to the east coast a necessity to participate in the therapy under the compassionate use clause?
    Thank you.

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    tumbleweeds, I would assume the Expanded Compassionate Use (ECU) legislation includes rules that must be followed. For example, one requirement would be for ECU to follow the same protocol as the clinical trial. Training will be necessary for surgeons and physical rehab professionals. Maybe interested parties will come and observe the surgery/walking. Maybe Wise has this planned out, I don't know.

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    Thanks Jim, please give an update when you get more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    MomNoah, Wise met with the FDA for the pre-IND and they requested a safety study. This has been completed and the results were as expected, no safety issues with the cells. The IND paperwork (thousands of pages) is being finalized and will soon be submitted.

    There is no safety issue with this therapy. Twenty-eight subjects received the umbilical cord blood injections and none lost function. The majority regained the ability to walk with assistance, and many regained the ability to pee and poop. These were all complete patients.
    Are we talking human trial results? That would be amazing!!!!!

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    The mom, here are the results of the trial. We will be repeating this trial in the US, Taiwan, and India. Any questions, shoot.

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