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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Network USA (SCINetUSA)

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    Keeping on- this year. check out

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    Quote Originally Posted by keeping on View Post
    Dr Young, I'm seeing alot of recent pulications siting large advances of stem cells over the last 15 years. This is very disconcerting to us that are lloking for some sort of REAL therapy in the near future.

    When can we as victims of these horrible coinditions see some real human trials : not for eyes or hearts, but for spianl cord problems. Not for rats. or other animals but for HUMANS.

    Thanks in advance
    Heart is easy compared to spinal cord. Eyes are harder. Clinical trials are key. There are a few clinical trials going on. Some results should be available before the end of the year.


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    Chaz, what do you mean?

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    keeping on,

    In March of '09 The Spinal Cord Injury Network USA (SCINetUSA) was established to test promising therapies for those with chronic spinal cord injuries. The 1st clinical trials for SCINetUSA will begin this year. Check out the website for details /

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    Wise, the 2006 article on Douglas Kerr said they were going to runtheir tests on pigs to see the efficacy and safety before moving on to humans. Do you know anymore about this? I sent you a copy of the article beforehand.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Will you folks be keeping Icord in vancouver in the loop with all of this?

    Canadian Sci?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavylegs View Post
    Will you folks be keeping Icord in vancouver in the loop with all of this?

    Canadian Sci?
    Good point, -why don't Canadians ask ICORD?

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    Lief Iagree; ask Canada about Icrd; then let the rest of us know.

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    Idea for Fundraiser

    Jim or whomever,

    I bet we could get Shepherd Fairey to do an edition for us. He is the guy that did the Obama campaign sticker the OBEY campaign. this is his website.

    He is all about fighting back and taking action. i would think our cause would be right up his alley:

    1- We are fighting a corporate hypocrisy, as it is more profitable for us to remain seated than standing because of lack of long run profitability.

    2-We are trying to pay for our cure ourselves, thanks to funding setbacks from a prior administration and lack of public support/interest.

    3-Because every Doctor (give or take a few) insists on you accepting the rest of life in a chair, how you should move on, and do nothing else to try and walk again.

    4-We are "the Outsiders" of the medical community.We were forced to the outside of society. We aren't looking for a fight. We are looking for our lives back. (i hope someone gets the pop culture reference, i call ponyboy)

    Do you think that would be worth me pursuing? would we be able to sell it on the site? It would get a bunch of hits because he has a ton of followers.

    (sorry to rant)

    I was also thinking, we could make a sticker .pdf that everyone could print out themselves and we could just stick this stuff all over our towns. i had this idea for sticker: have a picture of a kid in a chair and say something like "Dont ask what happened, ask what you can do.." or something like that, and have the site info. Anyway, i think we could get some more attention. Im shocked that there is never any mention of SCI orgs during College football or NFL. Please let me know what you think.

    Happy MLK Day friends

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    Hey Robbie I think you are right in presenting a united front. I suggest we also concentrate on the areas where research and trials are or could happen sooner rather than later.
    we need to focus on these entities and find an approch we can partake in. I'm concentrating on Dr Youngs human trials, The MYELIN Project and others. If there are others that someone wants to add;please do. We have to present a united front and pool together.

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