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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Network USA (SCINetUSA)

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    Attached is a flyer you can download and print in color or B/W. There is a space in the bottom right to personalize.
    We will be getting cards for ya'll to hand out. They will be a little bigger and look like little dollars.

    Working on the PayPal option.

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    1) Let's have t-shirts as a way to promote the idea and bring more money to the cause.Some of the money are to cover the price of the t-shirt and the rest for research/trials/you know better. Ofcorse we will buy more than one, in order to make gifts to our friends. They will be our advocates. We have to spread the idea and we need more than money for that. We need a lot of people with their resources (time, money, knowledge, relations). The t-shirt is a walking advertise

    2) why CC is not monetized? Here I'm talking about ads. CC has a lot of users and a lot of traffic. Why not use this in our advantage? Some ppl are making great money from contextual advertising[source]. Some blogers, are making good money too, even they are not using fancy SEO rules[1][2]. CC is one of the free contextual ad forums. WHY????

    3) paypal is a must. For the overseas donors, this is the easiest way to make a pay. Also it will cost the donator just 3 clicks and 5seconds.
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    Hi All: I am attending a conference and want to show "dollar a day" video, No access to you tube. can anyone post it somplace where i can click and watch. I am in a high school and not sure what is allowed as far as sites

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    A friend in Hong Kong just mentioned that it would be very helpful to those overseas if the video can be subtitled... Some people can't understand the English well and need help with the words. Wise.

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    Cypress, working on PayPal.
    Good idea about tshirts.

    Leo, I sent a message to Professir X about getting you the video.

    Subtitles, see what I can do Wise.

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    Cure for chronics is close? Wise, I guess I have to have a talk with you in Italy.

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    leif. Did I miss something. Who and where did anything say a cure for chronics is close? I missed it...
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    Please join me and donate a dollar a day at and copy and paste this message to the bottom of your signature

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif View Post
    Cure for chronics is close? Wise, I guess I have to have a talk with you in Italy.
    A treatment maybe, but not yet a "cure"...

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    Hi Jim,

    I asked this question on 5/12 but no one responded:

    We can also do that through the Keck Center donation link by choosing clinical trials in the drop down menu and specifying nascinet as the recipient correct?
    When I checked the Keck form today, the option to donate to NASCINet is no longer there. For those who donated through that method, will their donations be redirected to the SCINetUSA fund?

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