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Tell me more about your Kunming trip. I'd be interested in seeing if it would help me.

I'm an L1 incomplete. Nobody seems to be including us incompletes or anything below T12. All the clinical trials I've ran across is T12 and above.
my friend here in china whom i actually met off this site lives in my city and she too is L. they denied her, stem cells are also useless. its impossible because of grey matter, as jim posted its a different kind of paralysis. im spastic. meaning my muscles tense as soon as I start moving, this then helps with walking. its kind of like a Frankenstein walk but because i have some voluntary muscle function/control i can 'break' through the stiffness. problem is, i cant control my bouncy feet, think parkinson hands. its shaking all over the place, sometimes its good, some times its crazy, it gets real dangerous when im showering and all i can do is pause and relax myself. as for walking, my left leg is strong it can breakthrough it all, i almost have full control over it, but my right leg nope, my quad will lock up every few steps. THIS is why i want to try the deep brain stimulation, stop the bouncy feet and lock up and i can walk EASILY. if ive had a couple of shots of vodka my nervous system calms and i can walk so smooth, but then an hour later bam, its back to frankenstein. and i cant take shots of vodka everytime i want to walk hahaha.