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The estimate for compassionate use is 50k for the surgery/3 days inpatient hospital stay, 50k for 6 weeks of intensive PT, 50k for 3-6 months of walking program. If you don't have a qualified surgeon near you, housing would be another expense. If chosen for the clinical trial, the only cost would be housing, clinical trials are free.
Jim, could you please clarify for me "If you don't have a qualified surgeon near you". Does that mean that surgeons from various locations around the country will be trained in the surgical procedure for this therapy and will be available for compassionate use at the same time as the surgeons at the centers you mentioned? Also, if that's the case, what about the therapists? Will they be trained and available for compassionate use outside the listed centers as well? Or, is a trip to the east coast a necessity to participate in the therapy under the compassionate use clause?
Thank you.