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Thread: Kunming hospital in search for a cure for paraplegia

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    Kunming hospital in search for a cure for paraplegia

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    I'm very interested in Kunming rehab, I've already start a thread about the surgery procedures they apply.
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    One of my concerns is the implication of participating in a surgical procedure like this. I would think that something like this is a once-and-done deal. I mean, how many operations can they perform on the cord in this manner. So, in my mind, one should think long and hard before under going this type of procedure since something better may come along that such surgery might prevent one from participating in. Of course the come back is, "I'm not waiting forever", and I totally understand. We've been waiting so long.

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    It has been discussed whether a second round of cells may be necessary. Neurosurgeons said it wouldn't be a big deal to repeat.

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    My concern about a "cure" is that if we recover sensation, then how much pain will we be in that is otherwise being masked by the SCI?
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