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Dr. Young,

In a previous post you wrote;

"It was great for the the top people from Kessler, Shepard, and Magee to see people walking 6 hours a day, six days a week"

Are you saying that you have treated people and they are now "able" to walk for six hours?

Did I misunderstand this?
In Kunming, there are people who have been treated subacutely (2-65 days) with myelotomy (opening up the spinal cord to decompress the spinal cord) and have undergone this intensive therapy and many are now walking. This intradural decompression study was first reported last November in our Third International Spinal Cord Injury Treatment and Trials Symposium in Beijing. They have one of the most intensive locomotor training program here in the Kunming Army General Hospital and we brought half a dozen physiatrists and neurosurgeons to see for themselves, as well as the surgery.